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You Did RSVP to #DerbyDayNYC New York’s Original Derby Day Party right?

by Great Fashion - May 4, 2017

It’s Thursday night in my disco-lit Real Estate office at Nest Seekers and I am getting pumped for Derby Day! Mother nature has smiled upon us and the weather will be 65 and sunny! So polish off those dancin’ shoes, tighten up that bow-tie and grab your favorite floppy hat as were in for an afternoon of unbridaled entertainment (you did RSVP right? If not please go to!

Come One, Come All!
Have friends who want to come? Bring ’em!
That cute lad or lass from the office?
Send the invite!
Grandma is in town?

In regards to dress, check our Facebook event page, we have been posting photos of where to get some cool and fun outfits! For those in need of shoes and other fashion wear, our dear friends Pamela Quinzi and Botticelli‘s 5th ave store are giving everyone a discount at their store if you say you are buying from them for Derby Day! If you are in need of a hat, Misha Mayeur is holding a “Craft your own Hat” day. On the day of, we will have some great friends of ours displaying their art and designs so feel free to peruse and see if your vibe aligns with any!

Without further ado, we are looking forward to seeing you at the Gansevoort Park Saturday at 1pm!

Come one, come all, Smile for the camera and say hello to a new friend for this is going to be EPIC!

Your friends

Jonathan Mayberg, Ambrose, Sameer and the rest of the Derby Day team! J

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